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Cotton Ball

The cotton ball is a medical dressing which is made by twisting cotton into a group. The cotton ball is rubbed with alcohol to wipe the skin, which has the effect of disinfection. The cotton ball of cotton wool should sink below the liquid level within 10s; the aseptically supplied cotton ball should be sterile after being sterilized by ethylene oxide; after oxidizing ethylene oxide, it can be stored for 15 days. The amount should be no more than 10ug/g.
When using a cotton ball, use a pair of tweezers to take the cotton ball and put it into alcohol. After all the wet, remove it and wipe the desired part. Note that the entire process can not touch the cotton ball and alcohol by hand, otherwise it is easy to cause bacterial infection.
Alcohol is extremely volatile. If you want to keep the concentration of the alcohol cotton ball unchanged, store it in a fairly sealed container. Portable and individual packaging can be purchased in daily life, not only carrying, but also better preservation. Commonly used in the market are divided into two kinds of packaging forms: take-away tweezers and inner tweezers. The tweezers are placed in the alcohol cotton ball package to effectively avoid secondary pollution during use.
After packaging, store in a clean room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, cool, dry, ventilated, and non-corrosive. It should be protected from moisture, light, and away from heat during transportation.
Medical cotton ball
The medical cotton ball is made of medical absorbent cotton, which is white soft and elastic white fiber, free from stains, stains and foreign matter, odorless and tasteless. It is divided into aseptically supplied medical cotton balls and non-sterile medical cotton balls. The medical cotton ball is generally in direct contact with the wound of the patient. It is the main sanitary material used for the wound dressing, protection and cleaning of the patient in the medical industry. It is non-toxic, non-irritating, has good water absorption and is convenient to use.
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