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Cotton Swab

  • Cotton Buds

    Cotton Buds

    Cotton buds is made of absorbent cotton and stick. According to stick material, cotton buds or cotton swabs can be classified as wooden cotton swab, plastic cotton swab and paper cotton swab. Base...

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  • Cotton Stick

    Cotton Stick

    Cotton stick can be used for cleaning skin and body surface, or for medical treatment, like surface hemostasis, cleaning and auxiliary disinfection for wound and mucosal. It is also called swab...

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  • Cotton Earbuds

    Cotton Earbuds

    Cotton earbuds is one kind of the cotton swabs, it is non-sterile cotton swab, with single cotton head or double cotton heads. Normally it has a wooden stick, but the stick can be made by plastic...

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  • Paper Stick Cotton Buds

    Paper Stick Cotton Buds

    Paper stick cotton buds becomes more and more popular now, because its stick is made of recycle papers, which is more environmental than wooden stick and plastic stick. From performance point of...

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  • Baby Cotton Swabs

    Baby Cotton Swabs

    Baby cotton swabs is a special type of cotton swabs that is used for child and infant. It has a much big cotton head (or double heads), which makes itself more comfortable and safer for baby. It...

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  • Iodine Cotton Swabs

    Iodine Cotton Swabs

    Iodine Cotton Swabs is specially used for wound clean in medical and hospital application. It is a common sterile cotton swab soaked with 0.2% - 0.5% povidone iodine solution. Because of the...

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  • Sterile Cotton Buds

    Sterile Cotton Buds

    Sterile cotton buds is widely used in hospital, for skin cleaning or wound cleaning. It has many types base on stick material and size, but most of them are single head shape. And the package is...

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