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Face Mask

  • Non Woven Face Mask

    Non Woven Face Mask

    Non-woven face mask is also called as medical nursing mask, disposable health mask, surgical mask, etc. It is made of non-woven fabric by cutting and sewing. Normally it has 3 layers to filter...

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  • Disposable Face Mask

    Disposable Face Mask

    Disposable face mask is composed of a mask body and a tension belt, wherein the face mask body is divided into three layers: an inner layer, a middle layer and an outer layer, wherein the inner...

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  • Surgical Face Mask

    Surgical Face Mask

    Surgical face mask is used for doctors during medical operation or diagnose. And it has below performance requirement for medical application: 1.Filtration efficiency: under the condition of air...

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  • Spunlace Non Woven Face Mask

    Spunlace Non Woven Face Mask

    Spunlace Non woven Face Mask is made of Spunlace Non-woven fabric, comparing to normal face mask, it is more beautiful and stronger. The mask is composed of a mask body and a tension belt, wherein...

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  • Antibacterial Mask

    Antibacterial Mask

    Antibacterial masks has elastic band design accords with the mechanical requirements, good sealing performance, can bypass the ear, cross in the head, to avoid the long-term wearing of masks...

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  • Anti Haze Mask

    Anti Haze Mask

    Anti haze mask is also called anti-dust face mask or antibacterial mask. It is a thicker face mask made of non-woven fabric, compare to normal face mask. It has 3plys, the inner and outer layers...

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