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Application of medical gauze in modern medical treatment

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Medical gauze is widely used in hospitals. It is an indispensable tool in hospitals. It is used for bandaging and fixing of patients.

Medical gauze is a typical medical textile. According to their different purposes, they were divided into surgical gauze, applied gauze, coated gauze, wiped gauze and impregnated medical gauze. Making medical gauze block and the selection of strict rules, in addition to the given crop size, safety and practicality to meet Pharmacopoeia requirements, some products also require specific treatment function.

The gauze must be pure white, odorless, water dissolved substances shall be limited within the specified range of domestic, be non-toxic, non radioactive, ensure safe and harmless to human body. Refers to the practical easy to absorb the blood and other body fluid, when wet shape retention, dry with a soft touch and ability of different disinfection methods, and easy to use, not open, non pilling, easy peeling.

Medical gauze has the function of a is bleeding, it is a trend in the development of gauze, it adopts viscose fiber knitted fabric made by special oxidation treatment, do not use any drugs, but the soluble groups were grafted onto the fiber structure, a carboxyl group, generating oxygen chemical coagulation with cellulose. The hemostatic effect of coke platelets, into the human body can be degraded into low molecular substances excreted. The wound can be bandaged with hemostatic gauze. It must be quicker and healthier.

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