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Clean cotton swabs and medical swabs

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Cotton swab is a common wipe product, it is not only suitable for industry, but also commonly used in life. Clean cotton swabs and medical cotton swabs are commonly used cotton swabs,

Clean cotton is a kind of special for accurate clean wipe the application products, it can clean cloth to wipe the stains, such as the special environment in the production process of clean or eliminate pollutants etc.. The amount of chemical residue after wiping with clean cotton swab is much lower than that of other cotton swabs. The clean cotton swab is a new product which is flammable, easy to handle and not harmful to the environment. Note that most of the cleaning cotton swab is conducting, it can keep the operator and the grounding tool, so the cleaning cotton swab for 10 grade purification workshop. As for medical cotton swabs, as the name suggests, it is commonly used in hospitals and clinics. It is mainly used for cleaning or disinfecting skin and trauma.

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