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Commonly used cotton swab life

- Nov 13, 2017 -

In our life, whether in daily life or industrial production, there is no lack of cotton swabs,

Dustless cotton swab. This cotton swab, as its name suggests, is made in the dust-free environment of the production of cotton swabs, because the clean room air purification level is much cleaner than the ordinary production workshop environment, cotton in the processing of each process to reduce more dust pollution. Clean and clean cotton swab has the characteristics of small volume, flexibility, fast and accurate cleaning, super decontamination ability.

Medical cotton swab. It is made of medical absorbent cotton and natural birch, which can be disinfected in medical and health care units and families, and disinfected the skin of patients, wound treatment and smearing liquid medicine. Its characteristics are non-toxic, no irritation, good water absorption, easy to use.

Plain cotton swab. This kind of cotton swab is the most common cotton swab which is commonly used in our daily life. It has strong absorbency, toughness, good wear resistance, and has good locking ability. It is a clean material for cleaning room production.

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