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Eight use of medical alcohol

- Dec 22, 2017 -


Medical alcohol can be seen everywhere, whether it is the library door, department store toilets, can be seen with induction type alcohol, see all feel "sense of feeling". But in fact, alcohol and other magical oh!

The magical function of these alcohol below makes you want to rush to the drugstore to buy a can at once.

1. antibacterial hand washing liquid

In the sealed bottle, add 120ml's aloe extract, half a spoon of isopropanol and a few drops of tea tree essential oil, and complete the self-made hand lotion.

2. eliminate the taste of body

Go out and forget to take the body spray and find out whether there is medicinal alcohol in the vicinity of the medical box, because alcohol can eliminate the odor of sporadic bacteria. But it is also necessary to avoid long term use of alcohol, otherwise the skin will be allergic to inflammation.

3. self-made cooling bag

The water and alcohol are poured into the plastic bag with the proportion of 2:1, and the air in the bag is put into the freezer. If it is scalded or sprained, it can be applied to ice.

4. scavenging earwax

Many people use cotton sticks to dig their ears, which is really dangerous because the ear canal will be injured.

In fact, as long as the mixture of white vinegar and alcohol, with a cotton stick sucking into the ear, the earwax will be removed automatically.

5. de light water

The light water on the market usually contains acetone, which will hurt your nails and smell bad.

In fact, medical alcohol is natural light water, although it takes a long time to clear the nail polish, but at least not harmful to the body.

6. private place, underarm red spot

When you remove hair from your privacy or underarm hair, you will always show a red dot similar to the pores. When you use a little medicinal alcohol, it will relieve the skin and make it smooth and smooth.

7. against acne

Peroxidation is the most effective anti pox drug at present, but it has the same effect as medicinal alcohol. As long as it is on the acne, it can not only disinfect, but also avoid infection to the surrounding skin. But be careful not to be mistaken in the skin without acne, otherwise it may cause allergies.

8. elimination of herpes labial herpes

85% of the people have herpes virus, but only a small part of the population will erupt in herpes labial herpes. To speed up the elimination of lip herpes, apply a 70% isopropyl alcohol.

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