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How to identify inferior cotton swabs

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Cotton swabs are mostly used for cleaning, disinfection and other medical purposes. In terms of medical treatment, the requirements for cotton swabs are very high, requiring cotton swabs to have good water absorption, and they can not be accompanied by too many bacteria. High quality cotton swabs can basically meet these requirements, but there are many inferior cotton manufacturers on the market have produced inferior cotton swabs have been flowing into the market. For your safety, we'll teach you how to identify bad cotton swabs today.

The cotton label produced by our cotton label manufacturer will choose high quality cotton, and be treated by high temperature fumigation, so the cotton on the cotton swab is natural and neat in shape. If the cotton hair yellow or different size, it means that this kind of cotton swab in the selection and process are not very formal, please try to avoid using these cotton swabs.

In addition to cotton, cotton we manufacturers in the production process of normal wood drying, but small manufacturers will choose to dry naturally, so sometimes the wood will appear moldy, color is not a case, so that the cotton pole attached to more bacteria, is not conducive to cleaning and disinfection. In addition, the inferior cotton wood often flawed, the majority of consumers want friends to distinguish carefully.

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