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How to make homemade medical alcohol cotton?

- Dec 22, 2017 -

    Medically, the alcoholic cotton ball is made by adding 75% alcohol to the sterilized and skimmed cotton. Alcohol cotton ball is mainly used for the disinfection of skin and wound. It is one of the essential supplies in the home. It can be purchased and can be made by ourselves. So how do you make yourself? The following is the production method.


Tools / materials

Sterilized and skimmed cotton, anhydrous alcohol, deionized water, scissors

Methods / steps

1、Get ready

Materials used in the production of alcohol and cotton balls include sterilized and skimmed cotton, anhydrous ethanol, deionized water, scissors and so on.


2、Cut and defat cotton

The skimmed cotton is cut into a flake with a scissors. The size is suitable for packing in a well sealed container. It is better to be a glass material bottle.


3、Configure 75% alcohol

The concentration of anhydrous ethanol is 75%. If 100ml is configured, the anhydrous ethanol 75ml is added to 25ml to mix.


4、Adding alcohol to the skimmed cotton

The 75% concentration of alcohol is poured into the bottle with alcohol cotton, and it is suitable to soak all the skimmed cotton, and it is not good to too wet and dry.


5、Correct use

When using, take out alcohol cotton, squeeze alcohol slightly, then wipe your hands or smear around the wound, such as scratch, ear cavity inflammation and other surrounding skin, for sterilization and infection prevention.


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