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How to make medical alcohol cotton ball?

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Sterile cotton ball: made of medical absorbent cotton and 75% medical alcohol, which has sterilization and cleaning effect.

Sterile alcohol cotton ball is one of the household disinfection products with 75% alcohol soaked cotton balls. The concentration of alcohol is very important, too high or too low, it will weaken or even lose the efficacy of sterilization. Therefore, measures must be taken to keep the concentration unchanged. Alcohol is volatile and results in a decrease in concentration, so it should be stored in a fairly airtight container. It often happens that all the cotton balls in the container are dry, and some of the cotton balls are still wet. Some people think that the wet part is alcohol. It's almost always water, so it can't be used to sterilize it.

Sterilization of the thermometer, the family usually USES a sterile alcohol cotton ball. People used to disinfect alcohol and cotton balls before using the thermometer, and after they had finished, they put the watch in the box. It is not safe to do so, because the body fluid that is attached to the table tends to contain germs, which can proliferate in the dark environment of the box, which can lead to disaster. Therefore, the thermometer should be disinfected not only before use, but also after use.

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