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How to use oxygen mask correctly

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Oxygen mask is an emergency lifesaving device for providing oxygen for passengers. If the cabin suddenly loses air tightness or meets other hypoxia conditions, passengers can get oxygen masks to supplement oxygen at any time.

The oxygen mask provides a way to transfer the oxygen needed to breathe from the tank to the human lungs. It mainly consists of medical oxygen masks, aviation oxygen masks and oxygen masks used by air passengers. It plays an important role in the treatment of diseases, the protection of passengers and the safety of pilots. Mainly made of plastic, silicone, or rubber.

When the aircraft reaches a certain altitude, the cabin should be pressurized. If the cabin is out of pressure, it will cause hypoxia, passengers in hypoxia will be dizzy, loss of consciousness, and even endanger life. The hypoxia time that people can endure is different when the cabin is out of pressure at different altitude. The higher the flight altitude, the less time to bear. On a civil airliner, each person's seat is equipped with personal oxygen masks for emergency use, so there is no need to scramble for oxygen masks to be broken and delayed.

The oxygen mask is connected to the automatic connector by a slender rubber oxygen supply pipe and bayonet joint.  Oxygen continuous flow into the gas storage bag of the mask.  The gas storage bag first gas, then expanded, can accommodate a certain amount of oxygen. When the passengers inhale deeply and empty the gas bag, the inlet valve on the mask can make oxygen enter.

In the case of decompression in the cockpit, the oxygen mask will automatically drop from the top of the cabin. Above the passenger seat, there is an emergency manual release of oxygen masks, with a "push" mark. After the push, the oxygen mask is placed in front of the passengers automatically. How to use graphics and text instructions on the release board. Passengers should operate correctly according to the instructions.

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