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Precautions for selecting medical cotton balls.

- Aug 04, 2018 -

First, go to a regular pharmacy to buy. There are various brands of clean cotton balls in the supermarkets on the market. The prices vary a lot, and some people may be cheap. However, they are advised not to buy cheap cotton balls from non-formal brands. Because there are mixed fish and dragons on the market, there are some inferior cotton balls. The raw materials are bleached with black cotton-like stained cotton. In order to make the appearance neat and white latex is added, the production site can not meet the hygienic standard, and the raw materials are inferior and hygienic. Wiping the body with a standard cotton swab can not only play a cleaning role, but may lead to aggravation of the disease. Therefore, I would like to advise all mothers to go to the regular store to buy a trusted medical tampon.

Second, look at the quality of cotton. The material of the cotton ball should be absorbent cotton. The medical absorbent cotton should be soft and elastic white fiber, no stains, stains and foreign matter, odorless and tasteless. Pay attention to the whiteness of cotton when purchasing. The whiteness of medical absorbent cotton should be no less than 80 degrees.

Third, look at the packaging label. When buying cotton balls, pay attention to whether the packaging is sealed, and pay attention to whether the packaging has the following signs:

Regular medical absorbent cotton should have the following signs on each small package:

1. Name and address of the manufacturing unit;

2, the product name;

3. Specifications;

4. Sterilization method;

5. Years and months of sterilization failure;

6, the date of manufacture or production batch number;

7. The package is forbidden to use instructions or signs;

8. One-time use instructions or prohibit the use of the logo again.

9, "handle with care", "fear of heat", "fear of wet", stacking limit and other words, the mark should comply with the relevant provisions of GB191. The words and signs on the outer packaging should be guaranteed not to be obscured by the long duration.

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