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Swabs can be used this way

- Nov 13, 2017 -

In medicine, medical cotton swabs are indispensable products. They can help people work well, but you know what they can be applied to?

Medical cotton swab is a medical product. It is often used as an auxiliary tool to wipe alcohol and other liquids. So when he was in the production of health requirements is very high, can not have any impurities, otherwise it will affect the use effect or is injured skin re infection. We are in the time of the purchase must be in a regular sing to make a purchase, and pay attention to the external packaging production date, production license, shelf life and other issues, the main or manufacturer, must find a large, formal enterprises, for example, medical cotton Henan Yubei Eisai Co. Ltd. sign.

The applicable scope of medical cotton in addition to the potion of makeup, can wipe the ears, and other aspects of your application, please be careful in the application, so as to avoid the cotton swab stick hurt yourself.

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