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Test method and performance index of medical skimmed cotton(2)

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Medical absorbent cotton is used in cotton plant hairy Kwai mature, and then after removal of inclusion, degreasing, bleaching and processing of medical absorbent cotton. The medical skimmed cotton is mainly used as a clinical dressing for the hospital. In addition, a cotton swab can be made by further processing of the skimmed cotton. The main performance indexes and test methods of medical skimmed cotton are as follows:

1, water absorption time: take this product 10 pieces, each lOcm * lOcm, fold to 5cm * 5cm respectively, and put it on the water surface of the suitable glass container (the water temperature is 20 + 2 C, the container should not touch the container around). It should absorb and sink below the liquid level in lOs.

2, water soluble: take this product 12.59, the beaker, add new boiling hot water 400mL, heating and boiling water extract 15min, will move a 500mL flask, with hot water washing gauze new boiling, lotion into the flask, let cool, add water to the scale, shake, filtration, precise amount the filtrate lOOmL, a water bath pot steaming, drying at 105 deg.c to constant weight, a legacy residue shall not exceed 0.5%.

3, finally, the medical absorbent cotton needs to be carried out under sterile condition, and it is necessary to ensure that there is no odor and stain and stain phenomenon in the medical absorbent cotton, so that the medical absorbent cotton is soft and elastic.

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