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The correct usage of band-aid.

- Sep 15, 2018 -

Band-Aid is a must-have hygiene product for home use. It is convenient and safe to handle some unexpected small wounds, but not all cases are suitable for using Band-Aid, and there are some precautions when using Band-Aid. So let's take a look at the correct usage of band-aid!

1. Band-aid is only suitable for wounds with neat, clean and low bleeding.

Band-Aid is not a panacea, it is not suitable for all wounds. Under normal circumstances, band-aid is mainly used for some small and shallow wounds, especially for cutting wounds with neat, clean, and low bleeding without suturing, such as knife cuts, cuts, and glass scratches.

For larger, deeper and foreign bodies, it is not advisable to use band-aid. In this case, you should go to the hospital in time. For contaminated or infected wounds, such as heavier skin abrasions, burns, etc., it is not advisable to use a band-aid. As for folliculitis, bloated, suppurative wounds and various skin diseases, it is even more inappropriate to use band-aid.

2. Clean and disinfect the wound before use.

When we use band-aids, it's always convenient, and it's not correct.

Before using band-aid, first check if there is any dirt in the wound. If there is any uncleanness, clean the wound with sterile saline first, then stick the band-aid. If the wound is pierced and nailed by nails, etc., you should go to the hospital immediately and need to inject tetanus antitoxin. Secondly, after opening the band-aid, you should avoid contaminating the drug. When applying, the medicine must be aligned with the wound. After the application, it should be slightly pressurized on both sides of the wound. The dressing should not be too tight, so as to prevent the wound from being airtight and the wound infection is aggravated.

3, the use of time can not be too long.

One is to pay attention to the changes in the wound. If you use Band-Aid for 24 hours, you will feel a "pulsation pain" like pulse beat, or there is secretion overflow. You should open it in time to see if there is any redness or heat around the wound. If so, the wound has been infected and should be treated immediately by a doctor. The second is to pay attention to protecting the wound. After using the band-aid, do not pinch the wound with your hands. The wounds should be moved as little as possible to prevent collisions, so as not to crack the wound. Third, the use of band-aids should not be too long, and should be changed every day.

4, posted a band-aid to pay attention to waterproof.

It is not a waterproof band-aid that can be used for a long time in contact with water. If the band-aid is not tightly adhered to the skin around the wound, especially in special parts such as fingertips, knees and elbows, the waterproofing will not become "waterproof". When using waterproof band-aid, try to minimize contact with water. Pay attention to observe and protect the wound. Replace it immediately after being soaked in water. Otherwise, it will easily seep and cause wound infection.

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