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The correct use of disposable medical rubber inspection gloves.

- Oct 13, 2018 -

Disposable film inspection gloves are widely used in the medical industry. Of course, they are also used in other industries, such as the food industry, laboratories and other processing industries where the hygiene requirements are relatively high. It can not only avoid cross-infection, but also reduce the cost of production to a large extent.

Disposable film inspection gloves are gloves that are made of rubber picks or films.

Disposable film inspection gloves are used in more professional situations, such as in the operating room, laboratory, it has a certain flexibility, and is more practical and durable, but it is suitable for use in animal fats, because it will happen once it is touched. Corrosion.

With wet gloves method:

Put a proper amount of sterile water in the sterilized gloves to make the gloves open and the hands are easy to reach. Choose a glove that fits your hand and untie the knot that is filled with water gloves. Hold the left thumb, forefinger and middle finger on the opening sleeve, and quickly extend the right hand into the right glove so that the fingertips reach the top of the top of the glove, then extend the right wrist upwards, so that the water in the glove flows out under the wrist. Then, insert the right finger into the fold of the left glove, lift it up, insert the left hand into the glove with the same method, and let the water drain from the lower part of the wrist according to the right hand method.

Method with dry gloves:

Wear a sterile surgical gown and gently apply the hands with a sterile talcum powder bag in a glove bag to make it smooth. Use your left hand to push the gloves from the folds of the two gloves from the disposable medical rubber inspection glove bag so that the two gloves are facing each other. Insert the right hand into the right hand glove first, then insert the gloved right hand 2~5 fingers into the fold part of the left glove, insert the left hand into the left glove, and then turn the glove fold back to the sleeve of the surgical gown. Medical teaching. Yu network collects and sterilizes the talcum powder outside the glove with sterile saline. Lift your hands on your chest before the surgery begins. Do not sag or lift as much as you like.

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