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Type of cotton buds

- Feb 08, 2018 -

There are many kinds of cotton buds. There are clean buds sticks, clean cotton buds, medical cotton buds and instant cotton buds.

1. Wipe fiber rod has essential difference with cotton buds, and roller wiper rod head material divided into sponge head and made two, were all treated with clean and in clean indoor purification packaging, so the high grade clean environment use wipes consumables is bound to achieve best level above, the only wash cloth and wipe the stick can meet the requirements.

2. Clean cotton buds is the only choice for precise and clean application of cleaning, which can eliminate pollutants and keep clean in the special environment of the production process.After wiping, chemical residue content is low, flammable, easy to handle, environmentally friendly.Most cleaning buds are electrically conductive and can be grounded by operator and tool.It is applicable to grade 10 purification workshop with different packaging.

3. Medical cotton buds are suitable for cleaning and disinfection of skin or trauma.

4. Instant coated cotton buds, including fixed at the end of the stick in the cotton buds rod and cotton, cotton buds for KongXinBang, its internal storage of liquid medicine, KongXinBang fixed cotton head has used to seal at the end of the liquid of oil seal, the other end is equipped with side sealing.Compared with the existing technology, it adopts the structure of the hollow stick storage potion, which makes the cotton buds itself with the potion, which is out of use, convenient and quick.It is suitable for hospitals, families, schools and hotels, and is also suitable for traveling.

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