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Types of Medical Elastic Bandage Features Cleaning Applications

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Medical elastic bandage is a kind of medical textile. Important varieties of bandage development. It is not only the covering material for operation and dressing change, but also an auxiliary treatment material for varicose veins of lower limbs and edema of some limbs.

Strong twisting yarn woven elastic bandage with strong twisting yarn made by cotton, cotton yarn as weft knitting killax coarse comb into Weimi sparse woven fabric. The sizing of the strong twist yarn before weaving is to fix the twist so that the weft can be passed through the shed. Woven back pulp, warp shrinkage due to strong twist, giving fabric resilience.  The cotton elastic bandage made by this method has excellent moisture absorption and is easy to disinfect or process, and has a long history.

Elastic wire woven elastic bandage: early use of rubber silk as warp, and then use spandex cotton core yarn for warp or weft weave, in order to prevent spandex and human wound contact. The direction of the force in the fabric only needs a part of elastic yarn, and the other direction is only used as a form, so it can be woven with non elastic yarn.

Knitted elastic bandage: commonly used warp knitting machine made of polyurethane core spun yarn, and then divided into bandage width.

Nonwoven bandage: for the new medical elastic bandage made of a variety of methods, such as: using nonwoven spunlace process, in the network with tension under the condition of spandex elastic yarn, the net contraction becomes elastic bandage. (2) the corrugated elastic bandage, which is made of jet spinning nonwoven fabric (with cotton fiber as the main body and less than 30% of the total amount of thermoplastic fiber), is rolled by corrugated roller. The nonwoven bandage has the characteristics of soft and breathable, and the cost is relatively low, the process is simplified, and the variety is easy to change.

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