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What is the difference between a medical cotton swab and a regular cotton swab in a supermarket?

- Nov 17, 2018 -

How much do you know about cotton swabs? Do you know the difference between ordinary cotton swabs and medical swabs? How do we choose a general cotton swab?

Material is very different:

Medical cotton swabs: There are very strict requirements in the production. Generally, medical cotton wool and natural birch wood are used. They must be made according to national standards and pharmaceutical industry standards. Once they are not up to standard, they cannot be listed.

Ordinary cotton swabs: generally made of ordinary cotton, sponge head or cloth head;

The level is different:

Medical cotton swabs: Because medical cotton swabs are basically used to treat wounds, they must be of a sterilization grade for high quality products.

Ordinary cotton swabs: generally conductive grade products;

The use is very different:

Medical cotton swabs: mainly used for wound treatment, requiring products to be non-toxic, not irritating to the human body and skin or the body, and requiring strong water absorption;

Ordinary cotton swab: versatile, and low cost of production, but can not be used to treat wounds;

Storage conditions are different:

Medical cotton swabs: Because of limited use, in order to avoid problems when using, the requirements must be kept non-corrosive and ventilated, and can not be high temperature, the relative humidity can not exceed 80%;

Ordinary cotton swabs: basically no requirements, as long as it is dustproof and waterproof.

Buying a big difference:

Medical cotton swabs: can only be purchased in regular pharmacies and hospitals;

Ordinary cotton swabs: Whether it is a big supermarket, a small supermarket or a canteen, you can buy and sell, naturally anyone can buy.

The above are the five major differences between medical cotton swabs and ordinary cotton swabs. The main difference is of course their use. Because of different uses, the production process is different. The former is mainly used for sanitary units and household health care, and can be used for disinfecting and treating wounds. The latter is mainly used in the trivial matters of life.

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