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When the cotton was added to the alcohol, the fire was ignited, and then the magic appeared!

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Some netizens used fans to make artificial tornado effect. It's amazing. Recently, some netizens made similar effects with cotton and alcohol. Though mini version, they are amazing on the visual side. Come and see how to do it!!!


I saw him first ready ashtrays, cotton, alcohol, bucket shaped rotating disk with them.


Then put the cotton ball into the ashtray, then pour the alcohol, and put it in the rotating wheel.


Then with a lighter to ignite cotton, to them in this top bucket.


When he began to turn the wheel, there was a magic scene in his eyes!!! The ordinary flame turned into a mini fire, and the flame was higher.


In fact, this is the use of them in the barrel rotates, will drive around in the wind, so that changes the shape of the flame, the barrel into the whirlpool from air, will form a stunning firespout.

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