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Medical Consumables

  • Nasal Cannula

    Nasal Cannula

    Nasal Cannula is an transporting Oxygen device with double channels, It is used to deliver supplemental oxygen to a patient or person in need of extra oxygen. The Nasal Oxygen Cannula is made from...

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  • Oxygen Cannula

    Oxygen Cannula

    Oxygen cannula is a device used to deliver supplemental oxygen or increased airflow to a patient or person in need of respiratory help. This device consists of a lightweight tube which on one end...

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  • Adult Nasal Cannula

    Adult Nasal Cannula

    Adult nasal cannula is made of soft medical PVC, it is divided into two types according to the nasal type, single tip nasal cannula and double tip nasal cannula, consisting of head ring, nasal...

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  • Infant Nasal Cannula

    Infant Nasal Cannula

    Infant nasal cannula is one size of nasal cannula, it is used for babies. Due to baby is easy get hurt, infant nasal cannula must be very soft and comfortable. Compare to adult nasal cannula,...

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  • Guedel Airway

    Guedel Airway

    Guedel airways are usually indicated for patients, because there is a high probability that the device would stimulate a conscious patient's gag reflex. This could cause the patient to and...

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  • Oropharyngeal Airway

    Oropharyngeal Airway

    Oropharyngeal airway is used to create an air passage way between the mouth and the posterior pharyngeal wall. Useful when the tongue and/or epiglottis fall back against the posterior pharynx in...

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  • Laryngeal Mask

    Laryngeal Mask

    Product description of laryngeal mask: 1.Made of pure medical grade silicone soft and clean. 2.Its specially designed shape coincides with the laryngopharynx well, reducing stimulation to patient...

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  • Laryngeal Airway

    Laryngeal Airway

    Laryngeal airway is used in general anesthesia, respiratory therapy and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. As a ventilating passage between the face mask and the endotracheal tube, generally apply in...

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  • Laryngeal Mask Airway

    Laryngeal Mask Airway

    Disposable Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) is an alternative airway device used for anesthesia and airway support. It consists of an inflatable silicone mask and rubber connecting tube. It is inserted...

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