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Anaphylaxis Of Band Aid

- Jan 09, 2018 -

From a medical point of view, skin allergies are mainly skin irritation, itching, peeling and allergic dermatitis when skin is stimulated by various stimuli, such as cosmetics, chemicals, pollens, certain foods, polluted air and so on. Sensitive skin can be said to be a kind of unsettled skin, and it is a kind of skin at any time in high vigilance. Care should be paid special attention to. The causes of skin allergy, skin allergy, including internal factors and external factors, are two main aspects: the internal factor is the allergic constitution itself, which plays a leading role in the pathogenesis of skin allergy.

Early and thorough desensitization is the key to the treatment of skin allergy to prevent recurrence. There are also a lot of external factors. Including diet, inhalation, climate, exposure to allergy factors, and so on. Seafood, protein, spicy food, wine, inhaled pollen, dust mites, cold weather, contact chemicals, soap and detergent are the most common causes of skin allergy. Because of such complex reasons, skin allergies are intertwined by many causes and inducing factors.

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