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Clean Medical Swabs Save Method

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Clean medical cotton is different from the ordinary cotton swabs are sterilized, which belongs to the sterile cotton swab for treating wounds or need sterile clean environment clean medical cotton production and packaging must be more stringent, so how to fight for the preservation, in order not to pollute the cotton swab?

Clean medical cotton is generally plastic sealed packaging, there are two to three years of shelf life of open state, but the purchase is to pay attention to the production date and shelf life, but also to ensure that the packing seal, once damaged cannot ensure sterile clean. Another is the hospital with medical cotton swab, which is a general packing paper, after autoclave sterilization after disinfection, only ten days of shelf life, and open the package 24 hours later, again and sealed autoclave sterilization disinfection swab from the new store. But no matter what kind of dust-free cotton swab, before use, must ensure that the package is completely sealed, or not, the cotton swab may have been contaminated, unsafe.

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