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Do Not Use Cotton Swab To Dig Ears Again

- Nov 13, 2017 -

With the gradual enrichment of daily life, cotton swabs seem to be indispensable necessities for everyone. In the past, cotton swabs called medical supplies, in addition to medical treatment, seem to have made great achievements in make-up, and some people used to dig their ears. Don't pick your ears with cotton swabs.

The purpose is to put the ears earwax out, think that group is yellow, sticky objects in their ears, thinking is a torment. Therefore, to cut the ears will be unable to restrain the emotions, doing so will only bring yourself into a "itch scratching" cycle. In scientific terms, the more the number of ears, histamine release is also more, this will stimulate the ear inflammation that causes with more flexible and more mosquito bites itch is a reason. In addition, because there are the effect of lubrication, when you put it out clean your ear will become dry, and the cotton swab can make your ears more dry, let you feel more should take cotton swab to dig dig hard. This cycle results only in inflammation.

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