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How To Care For Skin Allergy And Effective Drug Treatment

- Jan 09, 2018 -


Attack quick piece two, vitamin C piece two. Amoxicillin Capsules two at a time. You can also take together. Take every four to six hours three times a day. The effect is very good Oh! Fix for two to four days!! but don't eat: spicy stimulation and other food lit. Pay attention to drink plenty of water. Because the boiling water can emit toxins.


Antihistamines can be one of the following: clinical drug selection according to the disease, or a combination, such as chlorpheniramine 4mg, 3 times daily; cyproheptadine 2mg, daily 2 ~ 3 times; ketotifen 1mg, 2 times daily; tranilast 0.1g, 3 times daily; cetirizine 10mg 1 times a day; a sting of 8mg, 2 times daily; imidazole martyr 1 times a day; 10mg, loratadine 10mg, 1 times daily; cimetidine 200mg, 3 times daily.

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