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How To Properly Use Band-Aid

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Wound dressing has become a necessity in the family, but not everyone knows how to use it properly. "The wound paste can not be regarded as a panacea, and the wound paste itself has no anti-inflammatory effect." The effect of the wound paste is to absorb the exudate and keep the wound dry. Patients with wound paste should pay attention to the following aspects.

First, the length of the wound should not exceed the width of the wound paste. "Wound paste" is mainly used for the hemostasis of acute small wounds, especially for cutting wounds which are neat, clean, superficial and small without suture." Xinqiao hospital surgeon said, for deep wounds, large blood vessels, nerve and tendon injury as well as suspected foreign body wounds, can not use the bandage; as for furuncle, scald, purulent infection and various skin diseases, inappropriate use of paste. Shandong wound dressing machine manufacturer

Secondly, the wound should be disinfected first. Before using the wound paste, the wound should be carefully checked whether there is dirt. If you have dirty things, you need to wash and dry the wound with normal saline, and then apply Iodine Glycerol, then paste the wound paste. If the wound is cut with rust, it should be injected Tetanus Antitoxin first, paste the wound should be slightly compressed, to play the role of oppression hemostasis.

Third, pay attention to wound protection. Paste paste, patients should pay attention to protect the wound, avoid bleeding, less trauma or local activities, not to drink water, avoid pollution; often hand pinch wound do not prevent crushing wounds, avoid wound dehiscence.

Finally, pay attention to the change of the wound. If the paste paste after 24 hours, wound pain, or exudate, should be opened for inspection in a timely manner; if there is redness, oozing wound infection phenomenon, should stop using the paste, and go to hospital for treatment.

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