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How To Store Cotton Swab In Winter

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Sanitary swabs can be used for cleaning and make-up, medical swabs can be used for wound disinfection, so the market demand has been very good, cotton manufacturers have been a large number of production, accumulated a lot of cotton swabs, winter storage of these cotton swabs should be how to do it?

Winter climate is relatively dry, is prone to fire season, sanitary cotton swabs, medical cotton swabs are flammable goods, so cotton manufacturers should pay more attention to the fire prevention measures. In the storage of medical cotton swabs in the warehouse can not appear naked fire, flammable and explosive goods, but also prohibit smoking in the warehouse, so as not to cause fire. Fire fighting equipment should be prepared for fire use.

In winter, not only dry weather, but also often snowfall weather, which is contrary to dry wet weather, but also a threat to the storage of cotton swabs. Health cotton swab and has very high requirements on health, cotton manufacturers should pay attention to moisture during storage, especially snow, to shut in the warehouse doors and windows, to avoid snow into the cause of cotton moisture, sanitary quality decline, yellow cotton is not sold out.

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