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Natural Gauze

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Natural gauze:

(cotton pads) this is the earliest and most widely used type of dressing.


1. Strong and rapid absorption of wound exudate

2. The process of production and processing is simple


1. The permeability is too high and it is easy to dehydrate the wound.

2. Adhesion to the wound, the replacement of the wound will result in a recurrent mechanical injury.

3. The external environment microorganism is easy to pass through, and the chance of cross infection is high

4. The dosage is more, the replacement is frequent, the time consuming, and the sufferer of the patient

Because of the decrease of natural resources, the cost of gauze is also increasing. Therefore, in order to avoid overusing natural resources, polymer materials (synthetic fibers) have been processed into medical dressings, which is synthetic fiber dressing.

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