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Non-woven Masks Classification

- Nov 13, 2017 -

First, flat mask

The outer ear mask; ear mask ear belt to mask film, non-woven mask is the earliest type of mask, is currently on the market the stock of the most non-woven face mask, the types of medical masks generally more, but in recent years, with the printing of spunlace non-woven cloth in the mask on the use with its unique color by more and more young consumers, more and more civil market share.

The inner ear with a mask; the inner ear with a mask, the ear toward the body piece, but because the mask in use, you need to open the ear band toward the outside, so in order to ear band firmness, in the mouth of the left and right ends of two non-woven fabric hemming strips.

The head hanging type mask; head hanging type mask is worn hanging in the head, did not hang on the ear, the ear hanging way to avoid wearing masks to wear long time can cause ear pain phenomenon, generally used for occupation places need long time wearing masks, such as food processing factory, hospital, chef etc..

The bandage type mask; type mask is mainly used in the operation room, with the function of head hanging type mask, but also to avoid ear hanging long time wearing masks will lead to the phenomenon of ear pain

Two, folding mask

Folding mask, also known as C stereo mask, the structure of cloth folded fusion, open three-dimensional, breathing large, and with the face of good bonding, but also because of these advantages, folding masks are the best anti haze effect of civil masks. With more and more haze pollution problems in recent years is serious, consumers pay more and more attention to self-protection awareness, folding masks market penetration has become increasingly high, the plane is different from the subdivision masks folding masks have so many classes, only worn according to different ways into the ear hanging folding masks and head hanging type folding masks.

Three, cup type mask

The protective level of the cup mask is the highest in the non-woven fabric protective mask, and the comfort is better due to the large breathing space supported by the cup body. But because of its cup shape and can not be accepted by ordinary civil consumers, so few civilian, mainly used for industrial protection

Four, special shaped mask

Special masks are a relatively small group of masks produced according to the different requirements of different groups of people. The masks are unique in shape and different in structure

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