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The 79th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Spring 2017)

- Mar 21, 2018 -

Oujie has a dedicated, professional and efficient marketing team. With high quality products and excellent service, the company sells products in 31 provinces, more than 1000 cities all over China. With good products and better services, we want to bring more business opportunities and wealth to our partners.

Oujie is currently cooperating with several large AAAA level logistics companies, dealing with transportation in more than 1000 cooperation outlets, that covering 90% of the OTC market of China. We take "speed up for customers" as our mission. Thanks to our first-class operation system and continuous improvement service network, we provide customers with safe, fast and professional precision logistics services.


The 79th CMEF be hold in Apr, in Shanghai, China. Our company will attend this exibhition. You are warmly welcome to visit our booth.

Exhibitor: Zhejiang Oujie Sience & Technology Co., Ltd.

Date: 11th Apr to 14 th Apr, 2018

Booth No: H5.1 - L47

Contact: Jacky Pan

Cell: +86 186 9857 5151


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