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The Domestic And Export Market Of Medical Absorbent Cotton.

- Feb 15, 2018 -

Medical absorbent cotton is made from cotton and is one of the leading products in the industry. It is mainly used in the production of medical cotton swabs, cotton balls, tampons, and cotton wool for the beauty industry. This product has a lot of demand in the domestic and foreign major hospital, pharmaceutical factory, the health material factory, the pharmacy and so on. Product positioning in the disposable sanitary materials, consumption of large, absorbent cotton demand of about 80000 tons, the country exports about 50000 tons of cotton wool, the only import the world's most advanced German di, absorbent cotton absorbent gauze production line production line and the Hong Kong lixin company is located in the fore kang medical eisai, energy saving, low consumption, efficiency good, the product quality provides the guarantee optimal quantity, using one bath (pure oxygen bleaching), for its products subsequent processing to provide the best and the most optimal medical absorbent cotton, gauze base material, medical absorbent cotton, mask, such as first aid kit medical accessories best-selling Europe and the United States and other countries and regions in the world: Hong Kong, China, Russia, the United States, Germany, kyrgyzstan, cannes, South Africa, Iran, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Egypt, Turkey and so on

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