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The Role Of Bandages

- Nov 13, 2017 -

As a typical product of medical textile bandage, can prevent the wound and injury, wound on the temperature and humidity properly adjusted, reduce the complications and prevent the natural healing phenomenon in the process of infection, and the injured person feel comfortable. Wound physiologists have shown that keeping a certain amount of moisture in the wound is beneficial to the spread of skin cells and accelerates wound healing. The process of wound healing, wet environment can prevent tachysystole and scarring, a lot of fluid to the initial wound exudate of bacteria and cause infection, so the effective absorption of these body fluids, maintain a sterile environment in the wound is very necessary. Therefore, the ideal bandage should have the following functions: polymer bandage

(1) maintain moist environment at the wound to accelerate wound healing.

(2) liquid and toxic substances that can remove wound exudate.

(3) must have certain elasticity.

(4) keep the wound free from infection.

(5) non toxic, non adhesive, bandage does not produce new trauma when it is removed.

(6) undergo various disinfection treatments without deterioration.

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