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What Is The Difference Between Medical Absorbent Cotton And General Cotton?

- Feb 11, 2018 -

The average cotton is the kind of thing we normally see, not to mention. What is the difference between the normal cotton and the medical cotton? In general, medical cotton is a special kind of cotton.

Medical absorbent cotton, also known as cotton, is made by removing inclusions, degreasing, bleaching, washing, drying and finishing.

Medical absorbent cotton, odourless, tasteless, no splash, has the very good water imbibition, slender fiber soft, elastic, white is easy to be layered, no harmful impurities such as acid, alkali, quality should accord with the technical standards established by the ministry of health.

Medical absorbent cotton is made of cotton by process degreasing, because the surface does not contain fat, has good hydrophilic, soaked in 75% alcohol can be used to sterilize cotton ball.

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