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What's The Difference Between A Medical Cotton Swab And A Common Cotton Swab?

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Medical cotton, as the name implies, is used for medical and hospital medical cotton swab, then compared the common cotton swab is more health, production and health requirements are higher, the production of this type of cotton manufacturers is also required, if it is a family, usually the use of words the purchase of ordinary cotton is good, but if it is to deal with the wound, or for infants, it is recommended to buy medical cotton is better, after all, better security, and infant immunity after all, for what you are more strict!

So to buy medical cotton swabs, which business is better? OYEAH HEALTH, the business for many years, is a professional manufacturer of medical cotton swabs, tattoo, etc. this kind of ordinary cotton products manufacturers, if necessary, related products can be directly contact with them.

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