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What To Pay Attention To When Purchasing Gauze

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Medical gauze is now very common medical supplies to hospitals, small families are necessary, pharmacies in the market can easily buy. But are you sure you buy medical gauze piece must be qualified?

As medical supplies, even small pieces of gauze requirements is very high, some gauze feels very soft, but the gauze density and do not meet the requirements, but also through the color fluorescent bleach out. Some are not even after sterilization and disinfection treatment, we absolutely can not be used in the wound for such a piece of gauze. Not only plays the role of nursing, even will cause serious wound infection.

So how should we pay attention to it, medical gauze piece quality is high density cotton non-woven + absorbent paper combination, double-sided adhesive more firmly. Not only can be used for wound dressing, bleeding, can also be used as a towel, cotton slobber baby, the effect is good.

If you find the gauze block out hair phenomenon in use, we recommend that you do not use small, this may be a bad quality, or has exceeded the period of use.

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