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Wound Paste Life Wonderful Use

- Nov 13, 2017 -

1: repair glasses: when climbing mountains, sometimes glasses are broken, it is a very difficult thing, there is no suitable thing to repair the field, then you can use the wound paste to help.

2: the role of repair: in the wild if not careful tent cut, and there is down sleeping bag, if broken leakage cashmere is very troublesome, can use it to repair.

3: prevention of motion sickness: ginger slices, and then paste the wound on the navel, can play a role in the prevention of motion sickness. Wound dressing machine manufacturer

4: to stop the pain: when your fingers appear chapped, you can wipe the band in the middle of the mesh torn down, wrapped around the fingers, can ease the pain.

5: prevent grinding feet: when wearing new shoes appear grinding feet, or travel need to walk a long way, the best preparation of some wound paste, when needed, can be affixed to the vulnerable parts, can effectively avoid injury feet.

6: when the funnel: when we supplement the water in the field, you can use a wound paste into the funnel, and then use the network of filter paper in the middle of the filter paper, can play a role in filtration.

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