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PVC Mask

The PVC Mask is divided into an oxygen mask and an atomizer mask.
Oxygen mask is based on product performance structure and composition including gas-cut mask (adult/child), air duct, oropharyngeal airway, disposable oxygen mask, oxygen tube (adult/child), inflatable mask, silicon mask, oxygen Connection tube (double head), oxygen nasal tube (disposable) (adult/child) and connector, made of medical polyvinyl chloride, silicone rubber, and ABS plastic material. The product range is used for oxygen delivery to patients.
Atomizer type
Air humidifier: a humidifier used to humidify air is a type of atomizer;
Medical nebulizer: a device used to treat upper respiratory tract diseases, belonging to medical devices;
Other types of nebulizers: such as hairspray equipment for hair styling, one of the important structures of e-cigarettes used to atomize smoke oil.
Music instrument atomizer: It belongs to air compression atomizer. At present, air compression atomizer has replaced ultrasonic atomizer in medical application field.
The atomizer has the following advantages
1. High-efficiency oil-free piston compressor, no need to cool water during atomization, daily maintenance-free, easy to operate; original drug atomization, no dilution, good clinical effect; almost no drug residue, high drug utilization ;
2. It is more convenient to operate. The product is equipped with a 2 meter air pipe. It has a large space for sitting and lying. The atomizing components are light and easy to wear and hold.
3. Atomization uses atomic atomization. The amount of atomization inhaled during the treatment time is suitable, it is not easy to cause the mucosa of the inner wall of the trachea to rise, causing obstruction of the trachea, the atomized particles are ultra-fine, and it is not easy to collide and combine, the human body is comfortable to inhale, and can enter the trachea, lung and other trachea, clinical Excellent effect, especially suitable for the treatment of lower respiratory diseases;
4. Pure mechanical products, the failure rate is extremely low, the maintenance cost is low, the service life is long, and the normal use is 5~10 years.
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