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Venturi Oxygen Mask

The disposable adjustable Venturi Oxygen Mask is a device configured to supply oxygen or other gases to an individual.
The mask fits snugly against the nose and mouth and is equipped with 6 different oxygen concentration diluents.

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Disposable adjustable venturi masks are devices that are constructed to supply oxygen or other gases to an individual. Masks fit snugly over the nose and mouth, and are equipped with 6 different oxygen concentration diluters which allows to select different oxygen concentration accordingly, and a tube that Connect the oxygen mask to a storage tank where the oxygen is contained, to be connected to central oxygen system in different hospitals.

All materials used to construct oxygen masks and oxygen tubes are latex-free, have a soft and smooth surface, and have no sharp edges or objects. They have no adverse effect on the oxygen/drugs that pass under normal conditions of use. The mask material is hypoallergenic and should be resistant to ignition and rapid burning.


Name: venturi mask

Size: S (infant), M (child), L (adult), XL (adult)

Material: medical PVC

Tube length: 2m

Tube diameter: 5mm

Color: green transparent or clear transparent

Color coded diluter: 24%(blue), 28%(yellow), 31%(white), 35%(green), 40%(pink), 50%(orange)

MOQ: 10000pc


Venturi Oxygen Mask is primarily used by healthcare providers for oxygen therapy because they are disposable, thus reducing the cost of cleaning and the risk of infection. The mask design determines the accuracy of the oxygen delivered in many different medical conditions requiring treatment with oxygen. The masks are lightweight and attached using elastic headbands or earrings that are transparent, allowing healthcare providers to evaluate patients and reduce the feeling of claustrophobia experienced by some patients wearing oxygen masks.

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