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Wound Dressing

A wound dressing is a product that wraps a wound to cover a sore, wound or other damaged material.
The types of wound dressings are:
1. Passive dressing (traditional dressing) passively covers the wound and absorbs exudates, providing limited protection for the wound.
2. Interacting dressings, there are many forms of interaction between the dressing and the wound, such as absorbing exudates and toxic substances, allowing gas exchange, thus creating an ideal environment for healing; barrier outer structure, preventing environmental Microbial invasion, prevention of cross-infection of wounds, etc.
3. Bioactive dressing (closed dressing).
Precautions when selecting dressings
1. Assessment based on individual patient statusv The patient's physical, psychological, and economic acceptance of the dressing is also very important. Patients have different physical physiques and are sensitive to dressings. Some dressings may cause skin irritation in some patients. Some patients are dressings that do not accept significant odors, such as hydrocolloids and alginates.
Patients with high quality of life requirements, dressing comfort and ease of use have become important reference factors for the choice of dressing. New dressings are relatively expensive, but good dressings can reduce the number of replacements. The dressing should eventually be used according to the patient's requirements.
2. Select a dressing based on the wound assessment. For the wounds that are healed in the first stage, gauze and film should be used; for shallow wounds, film should be used; for wounds with moderate to moderate exudation, hydrogel should be used; for moderate to severe exudation, alginate should be used.
3. Dynamic assessment during use As the condition of the wound changes, the assessment of the wound must be done at regular intervals. Depending on the progress of the wound healing or the degree of deterioration, it is readily assessed whether the most appropriate dressing and dressing are selected for proper use.
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