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Wound Dressing

  • Dressing Bandage

    Dressing Bandage

    Product description of dressing bandage: The inner layer (wound contact surface) is polyurethane hydrogel, the outer layer is medical non-woven fabric, and the hydrogel inner layer is surrounded...

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  • Wound Care Dressing

    Wound Care Dressing

    Wound care dressing is highly absorbent, individually packaged wound care pads, ideal for use as a cover dressing after packing large, deep wounds. It is individually packaged peel open pouches,...

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  • Sterile Wound Dressing

    Sterile Wound Dressing

    Specification of sterile wound dressing Material: non-woven Color: Skin color/white/ transparent; Expiry Time: 2 years; Size: 8cm x 10cm, 10cm x 10cm or 10cm x 15cm, or customized; Packing:...

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  • Medical Dressing

    Medical Dressing

    Medical dressing is an important item for surgical treatment in hospital or clinic. It helps doctor bind the wound fast and clean. The scope of application of medical dressing is suitable for...

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  • Non Woven Wound Dressing

    Non Woven Wound Dressing

    Product advantage of non-woven wound dressing: Soft and easy to deform: suitable for all parts of the body, especially active joints and other bending parts Ultra-thin and transparent: easy to...

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